Friday, October 10, 2008

if it's good enough for myspace...

i might as well post it here...
well just the important part, the question of the year:
{with reguard to allowing oneself to "fall"}
is it so bad that i just want to make sure he'll be down there already, waiting to catch me?
everyone i ask is telling me to do i know they're not homicidal maniacs?!
assisted suicide is still a murder case!!!

does it mean something that i'm so scared? is it a bad thing? doesn't it just mean that i revere him with such importance that i dare not take the risk?
...or am i just a chicken shit?

it shouldn't be up to me. it isn't fair. i'm the girl for crying out loud!!!
as far as i'm concerned i'm meeting him halfway... if he can't figure out how i feel from the way i've treated him thus far no amount of words will get through to him, it wouldn't be worth it.
you have to admit; i have a point there.
i want to be caught dammit.

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