Thursday, October 16, 2008

hatin on mah pimp cane

my wednsday night dance teacher hates my guts. i have concluded this because it seems she constatly tries to discourage me. well fuck her ass. if i ask her a question in class she acts as if i'm a nunsance and when i ask her opinion on something she's always negative. i can't even pay the bitch a compliment without her shooting me down... i assume it is my flyness that vexes her so. for i am indeed quite fly.
i got a new prop. i bought the cane, a green and silver one. i'm pretty damn good with it. i can balence it on my head and everything. she says i can't use it. she can blow it out her ass.
i mean i did crack myself in the face with it once when i was practicing but i've been good ever since... bleeding lip aside i'd say i'm a success story here.

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