Thursday, January 29, 2009

one of them

i'm one of them now, officially. i'm a girl. a crazy girl. and emotional mess of a girl. who knew? i just learned something new about myself.
god damn this vulnerability shit!

i'm not gonna talk about it. i apparently already fucked up there.

but as messy as i was...if he sticks with me after that, it says a lot.
that's one thing my ex taught me, sometimes the most fucked up thing is exactly what you need to pull you closer together...of course he only said it cuz we'd fight all the fucking time but it doesn't make in any less true; getting through a really bad fight is possibly the most reassuring thing in a relationship.
we're gonna be okay.

i'm sad it went down, but happy we made it.

but goddamnit he made a girl outta me!!! i used to be so cool!

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