Friday, January 9, 2009

gooood, goooood.

for the record...all is well.

heartache is as always a temporary pain, for one reason or another. in this case he made good. i was only part surprised; deep down, the part of me that is and has always been in love with him knew he wouldn't hurt me on purpose. (the rest of me, well let's not discuss it)

his bday is coming. my plans are basicly cemented.
have you seen that episode of family guy, the one when the drunken clam gets taken over by some british dude and he burns it down and blames it on a giant radioactive cockroach and the roach rubs his hands and says "goooood, goooood". ? well...that's me right now. all i gotta do is not get my period and we could go ahead and throw in a mr. burnsesque "eeeeexcellent"

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