Thursday, December 18, 2008


i wasn't sure at one point.

i asked someone who knew, who was...

this was before i said it, when i was wondering if i should.

i knew i was, in my heart i knew but i'm a cerebrally governed individual, i needed logical confirmation.

so i asked someone who knew, who was...

he said to imagine everyone in your life was gone.

everyone who you are comfortable with, friends, family, co-workers...


and you had no one else but this person...

would you be okay?

would they be enough?

could you be happy with just that person?

could you be happy and fulfilled and comfortable and okay with just that one person and no one else?

quietly, to myself, i said yes then; tenatively and somewhat unsure.

it's a lot to trust unto just one person.

i couldn't imagine trusting myself totally to anyone.

but it sounded about right.

his potential shined through to me.

i could almost see it then.

but i couldn't say it out loud.

the fear of depending on someone was too strong in me.

today i realized, now that i feel my mother and i growing apart...

my sister growing up...

my friends ever distant

i found tonight how quickly it stops to matter when i'm with him

acid rain could fall around me

the world could melt and die

all and everythign gone to hell

and it wouldn't matter

i wouldn't care

as long as i'm with him

i'm okay

he's more than enough

and i'm happy!

so it's true then...

i mean i knew

but now...

no question







SConde said...

WoW. Im not going to lie that hit that heart, just a tad. ='(

I'm happy for you and Hate you at the same time, in a jealous mad way you know I dont hate you hate you lol, but because I once knew what that was. You guys are awesome!

Harley said...

thank you...
i'm sorry you're not in the same position as me, YOU SHOULD BE! YOU DESERVE TO BE BLISSFULLY HAPPY...and it really upsets me that you're not. honestly i get so pissed off at the fact that you're not being treated like a fucking king right now. (this only serves to reinforce my intense hatred of females)you deserve the very best, you need to realize that and demand nothing less! <3<3<3hearts for you...from me :.)