Tuesday, December 9, 2008

bulimia of the brain, enjoy the the thought-vomit

i fucking hate foriegners
also, why do people insist on asking me a hundred questions as if i don't have a million other phone calls to take ? if i tell you the information's in the email, you read that fucking email goddamn you!!!
and Eli Manning, watch your ass, i'm gettin that jersey if i have to jump you for it...sleep with one eye open mister quarter back man...have nightmares about a tiny puerto rican girl hogtieing you and dragging you into a dark secluded area, stealing your clothes and forcing you at knife point(as per the tradition of my people) to sign countness giants memrobilia to "Luis"(...and a couple to "Santiago" why the fuck not) shudder at the thought of me Manning, quiver at the very utterance of my name...for if i cannot buy the jersey off NFL.com, so help me god i will take it by force!!!!
i don't know what else to buy my boyfriend...and that makes me feel like a crap girlfriend. i should know what my man likes. boo to me. boo.
i'm still on the fence on buying my mother anything cuz she's a fucking bitchmonster from the plant nag...i might still try to get her the earrings simply because im not a heartless cunt...but i aint puttin too much effort into her gift. my bf and my sis are my only real holiday concerns.
i want this mtv thing to be over already, i've even stopped caring how it will come out...it's all bullshit, they fucking tell you what to say!!! and it all gets edited and changed around...bleh. boo to mtv as well. boo boo boo.
i hate working for hourly pay...it's easier than the hussle of waiting and bartending but i'm so dependant on nightly cash in hand that waiting on a payday just doesn't work for me anymore and schedule changes are like murder to me!!! ug!
i'm fucking hungry...grumble

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