Thursday, March 12, 2009

talking to no one, as usual...nobody's listening.

i'm sick of getting shitted on.
Mister "um um um"... according to laguardia airports website flight tracker your "delay" was about 5 minutes. the talking to your mom excuse is real real old. a text to tell me you're home and okay was all i wanted, you didn't have to talk to me if you didn't want to.
and of course your new friends are girls...of course.

sometimes i wonder why you keep me around.

i know you'll be mad at me for ignoring your calls... but i already know you won't say anything i want to hear. you didn't miss me. my callous cassanova. you treat me like a toy, when i'm not fun you don't bother with me. and you're a collector, you like pretty new toys to play with.

i don't know what to do because i don't want to fight but i don't like eating your shit either.

i'm not bitter, just anxious...i knew the day i gave you my heart that you would break it, the only question is when...

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