Friday, March 13, 2009

if i'm gonna be alone...perhaps i should be alone.

i'm not your priority.
commenting on your friends profiles, flattering jessalyn (as if she needs it), these are your priorites. i opened up to you, told you i'm in pain, TOLD YOU I NEED YOU, and you only throw me a text at your leisure, like scraps to a dog.
if you were hurting i wouldn't hesitate to be there, and if i couldn't be by your side i'd agonize over what i could do to make you smile, i wouldn't leave you alone EVER. i've been crying for days ALONE. where are when i need you? Your friend is far more sensitive than you but i can't even talk to him because you won't allow it...i can't be included in your circle...why? why are you with me???? why bother?! if you really loved me i wouldn't have to be in pain alone. i wouldn't feel like this. i'm a fool for openning up to you. i never let anyone in and i thought i was safe with you. you won't understand how much you've hurt me no matter what i say.

it's sad that i love you so much.
it's obvious i mean very little to you.
you used to say i was your'd miss me the second you left me...
did that change? or was it never true?

i shouldn't be crying alone. i am sick and tired of being alone!!!!

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