Tuesday, February 24, 2009


i'm listening to incubus and craving a more creative life. a way out from under all this hum drum nothing that has become the every thing. out out out i need out. the warm happy center of the universe is alive and living his own life...what's gonna happen when his path passes mine? mine is looping around and around in a maddening cycle...monotony monotony monotony!!! can my talents really free me of it all? how can i cultivate them in such opressing surroundings and times? could you show me dear some i've not seen something infinitely interesting? your biggest fear will be the rescue of you, strange how it turns out that way...yeah. i'm reminissing, missing, kissing. rain, city steps, pigeon park, going waaaay back...don't want that, but then i believed these would be the best days, i had no idea how hard it'd be. or how easy. can't plan, can't count on things to happen the way you think they will so what to you do? my dried roses, beseech me to continue...they'd like to see how it ends. i wish i still believed in dragons, witchcraft and marriage. my mirrors just taunt me about all i've wasted up til now. my mother is the blaring red warning sign...dead end dead end dead end dead. i have to escape, i'm my own captor, tell me to outrun me. dance dance dance dance spin free.

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