Thursday, November 20, 2008

i rock.

sooooooooooo.... things are looking good.
i might have a job...soon
cross your fingers
i SAID cross 'em damnit! NOW!
thank you.
my friends suck. they only pay me attention when they need me. that's fine, there's enough of my ass for all of them to kiss.
mtv has been neglectful...i have mixed feelings about that.
i'm a rusty bellydancer. i need to get my shimmy on hardcore.
all is seemingly well with my beloved
i realized that i get more frustrated with his actions (which are largely more naive than malicious) when i miss him, sounds retarded i know, but i'm better equiped to deal with anger than sadness...of course upon realizing this i pushed my pride aside and just let myself feel it...i cried...what can i say? i got used to having him around all the time, then poof! gone for a week? i was breaking down by the 6th day. no good. i don't get like this!!! and all these feelings i'm not used to are making me terribly unsure of myself. but aside from my emotional retardation i'm extremely happy!!!! :.)
all in all, all is well.
yay me.

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